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I am a PhD student of Venanzio Capretta. Feel free to drop me an email: cvs at cs dot nott d0t ac dot uk

Random notes:

Turing-Completeness of Polymorphic Stream Equation Systems (RTA 2013, with Florent Balestrieri)

First year report, contains unpublished results mentioned under Further Work in the above article.

Turing-Completeness of Polymorphic Stream Equation Systems (talk, based on joint work with Florent Balestrieri)

Quotient Container Antiderivatives of Cyclic Actions

Isomorphism of Finitary Inductive Types (talk)

Equations Over Groups (talk)

On the Hierarchy of Univalent Universes: U(n) is not n-Truncated (submitted to TOCL, with Nicolai Kraus)

Formalization of the results of the above article in Agda.

How To Create a Doubly-Linked Dodecahedron

On the Merits of the Eta-Law for Inductive Types

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