Dr Li Bai – Principle Investigator

Bai Li has BSc and MSc in Mathematics, and PhD in Computer Science. She is interested in the use of mathematical methods in computational systems for real world applications. She is a Senior Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Research interests: geophysical imaging, medical imaging; computer vision / visual tracking; pattern recognition / face recognition; machine learning; computational modelling and simulation

Current Students
Wil Ward – PhD Student

Wil is a final year PhD candidate with an MSci Mathematics and Computer Science. His research involves investigation of computer vision techniques such as visual tracking to time-lapse electrical resistivity imaging. His project is in partially funded by the British Geological Survey as part a BUFI collaborative effort.

Research interests: multifractal theory; differential geometry; change detection; clustering; segmentation; MATLAB

Yuchun Ding – PhD Student

Ding is in thesis-pending stage. His focus is mainly on blood microvasculature segmentation using micro-CT scanned imnages using healthy and Alzheimer's rat resin cast models. The aim of this is to analyse difference in microvessel structure that exist in the two models.

Research interests: brain microvasculature, segmentation, vessel enhancement, micro-CT, classification

Jinming Duan – PhD Student

Jinming is a second year PhD student. His research is mainly focused on variational models and their FFT based algorithms. Applications include segmentation of optical coherence tomography image, 3d reconstruction of point clouds, and surface smoothing.

Research interests: : image restoration, multiphase segmentation, implicit surface reconstruction, medical image analysis

Luke Sibbett – PhD Student
Faiza Bukenya – PhD Student
Past Members
Torbjörn Wästerlid

Torbjörn came to Nottingham from Sweden where he graduated with an MSc in Engineering Mathematics and Computational Science from Chalmers University of Technology. His work including investigating whether the information rich medical images can shed more light on which parts of the DNA are important to Alzheimer's disease. He is also worked on finding statistical models for tics in Tourette's Syndromem, in collaboration with researchers at the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham.

Dr Bartosz Neuman

Bartosz completed his PhD as part of the group. His research was been supported by the Eurpopean Commission under the Medical Imaging using Bio-inspired and Soft Computing (MIBISOC) and Marie Curie Initial Training Network. Thesis title: Signal Processing in Diffusion MRI

Dr Louis Parsonson

Louis completed his PhD as part of the group, studying modelling and simulation of angiogenesis in three dimensions. His work incorporated CPU techniques for modelling cell movement and interaction, with GPU acceleration techniques for simulation of diffusion in 3D, and fluid flow through a network of pipes. This project was funded through a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Dr Ben Haines

Ben completed his PhD in 2015. His research focused on novel multi-view reconstruction techniques for high speed, high fidelity geometry and texture creation. The project was funded and supported by EPSRC and Buzz 3D, an interactive virtual environment specialist who provide immersive virtual realities for product design, development and testing.

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