XML Implementation Issues & Technologies

Tim Brailsford (tim.brailsford@nottingham.ac.uk)

A Presentation for the BCS Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Branch Winter School, 2001. October 29th, 2001.

XML Implementation Issues & Technologies - Slides

Football Results

This demonstration is modified from one provided in Michael Kay's wonderful book XSLT: Programmer's Reference published by Wrox.

Client-side XML/XSLT

NB these client-side demonstrations contain platform dependencies - they were written for MS Internet Explorer 5.0, and will probably need to be modified to work with other browsers (including other versions of IE).

The configuration of this server is such that the files used in the demonstration cannot be served unmodified (they would be processed by Cocoon, but there would be compatibility problems). Therefore the files are provided as a ZIP archive which may be downloaded and run locally. Just decompress the files, and open index.html in IE 5.0. Expect problems if you use any other browser!

Server-side XML/XSLT

These demonstrations are rendered on the server by Cocoon. They will therefore display in any browser.

1. Book list

2. Automated Navigation

3. Formatting Objects - Rendering as PDF

Useful Web Sites

Tim Brailsford, October 2001.