CS Web Projects

1. News & Events

The school holds numerous events, both as part of its teaching and as social and public relations exercises. These events require co-ordination of people, rooms and equipment. They also need to be recorded and those records reflected on the web. There are also news items, either as a result of events or other activity that need to be recorded and reported. This project will develop a framework to allow news and events to be created, resourced and recorded, with links to the main university news and events system, school news feed, events calendar and intranet system.

2. Web-based Student Project Gallery

Student projects deliver a wide variety of research, applications and reports from both individual and group efforts. This information should be captured and reflected on the web (c.f. Sourceforge). This project will create a framework that will allow the submission of project end-products - a mixture of documentation and applications, screenshots etc Optionally it should provide tools to assist in the development and co-ordination of projects

3. Seminars - enhanced iCal

Seminars are an important part of how the school gains and shares knowledge of current research. School seminars usually are given by an invited speaker but research group also hold seminars where group members or visitors will talk. Currently the main school seminar series is run off an ical feed This project will develop a framework that will allow different seminar series to exist with ical publishing of event details, controlled access to allow selected users to create new seminars, and enhanced web hosting for seminar resources (photos, speakers slides, discussions, etc).

4. Virtual Open Day / School Tour

The school holds a number of open days every year for prospective students. these consist of talks, tours of facilities, demonstrations of on-going research and question and answer sessions. This project will look at capturing the essence of these activities and packaging them for interaction on the web. It will require mixed media capture, edit and presentation skills.

5. Social Bookmarking for Institutions

Web sites like del.icio.us and Digg allow users to store and share resources that they encounter that might be useful either to themselves or others intersted in the same subject. This project will develop a system which allows users inside an institution to store, share and tag both public and private resources, for personal or group use and public dissemination. It will also allow users to use their bookmarks in their writing (cf Zotero, citeulike, bibtex export)