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The 2009/2010 presentation of G52IWS will be taught by Tim Brailsford (tjb@cs.nott.ac.uk) and Julian Zappala (jxz@cs.nott.ac.uk).

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The coureswork represents 25% of the assessment of this module.  It is due by the end of term (Friday 11th December), and should be submitted by the sing the cw system (as documented in the CW Coursework Submission Information for Students) before midnight on that day.  The coursework is described in the PDF file linked below, and you will also need several WSDL files that are contained in the ZIP file that is also linked below.
In order to test the client that you will write in Part C of this coursework, we you should use the service we have set up at: http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/iws/services/WidgetService. For example, you may query the WSDL for this service as follows: http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/iws/services/WidgetService?WSDL.

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The following links are to external resources which provide useful information relevant to this module:

Pages from the World Wide Web Consortium: Pages from W3Schools:

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