Further Information


The Authorware manuals are in the library. These contain useful reference material, but they don't pretend to be beginner's guides. There are also several third party books on Authorware (some in the library).

Macromedia Tutorial

Macromedia produce a large and comprehensive tutorial - called the "Earth, Sky & Water" tutoial (for reasons that become obvious if you do it). This is available on paper (copies may be loaned from), and it is also available on the web:

Earth, Sky & Water Tutorial

This version of the tutorial is ostensibly for Authorware 4, but I haven't noticed any differences between this and the Authorware 3 version. The files for this tutorial are available on the CS network in /cs/itdocuments/Authorware (NB the file GLYPH.AVI replaces the file GLYPH.MOV described in the documentation - the latter is a Quicktime file, and we don't have Quicktime installed on most CSiT machines).

Internet Resources

Dazzle Technologies Authorware Site
A nice collection of tutorials and resources.

LTDU Authorware Tutorial
A basic tutorial, but with some potentially useful material.

Tim Brailsford, 2001