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Last Update: 01 August 2013

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General Areas of Interest for Supervising Projects

The project ideas listed here are related to my areas of research, which in a summarised way include the application of search and optimisation methods including artificial intelligence techniques to tackle a range of real-world problems in the broad area of modelling and optimisation.

I would also supervise projects in other topics of computer science if the project is within my interests and I feel competent to supervise the project. Please contact me if you are interested in me supervising your project. I always prefer to have a face to face conversation before agreeing to supervise a project. Note that all the projects listed below involve both research and programming and can also be targeted to a practical application that is in your interests.

What is required to undertake the projects suggested here? One typical question is: is this project adequate for obtaining a high grade? and the answer for all projects listed here is YES BUT IT STRONGLY DEPENDS ON THE STUDENT'S COMMITTMENT TO DEVELOP A HIGH-QUALITY DISSERTATION. The projects listed here have the potential to carry out research and develop a computer system. You definitely need to do considerable programming but also search the literature, select, read and analyse sources of information (not only Google search). As a computing student you are expected to produce good quality computer code. At first sight, these projects might seem too challenging, particularly if you are not familar with the problems or techniques. However, these are project ideas for which I can offer specific guidance. But of course, I will not tell you exactly how to develop the project. Selecting a challenging project does not guarantee you to obtain a high grade, that is only a good start. It is your performance and achievements which will be reflected in the final grade.

Are these project ideas suitable for 60/40/20 credit dissertations? Most of the project ideas suggested here can be adapted for developing a dissertation according to the degree type (Master degree, UG single honours, UG joint honours, UG Major/Minor, etc.). Please refer to the corresponding handbook for more guidelines and the requirements that your project should meet according to your course.

Some of the ideas listed below have been taken in previous years as undergraduate or postgraduate projects but are listed here because there is opportunity for further developments in the same area.

List of Project Ideas