Grooveshark Control Center

Groovershark Control Center (GCC) 1.2 is now available! You can pay whatever you want for GCC. If you have donated and you haven't received this version just drop me a line with the paypal transaction id and I will send it to you asap. These are some important changes:
  • - Support for the new Grooveshark version
  • - Album names are now also shown in the notification
  • - Changed the shortcut to ban artists as this conclicted with those of Chrome to switch tab
  • - Grooveshark Control Centre now automatically checks if there is a new version for you
  • - When you now click on the Grooveshark Control Centre icon on the Dock, the Chrome window/tab running Grooveshark will appear

Grooveshark Control Center is a light-weight app that sits on the status bar and allows you to control Grooveshark.

There are alternatives to control Grooveshark, such as Musicality or Grooveshark Desktop. However, these two apps are powered by the Safari rendering engine. Safari uses the poorly performing Adobe Flash to render the Grooveshark website. This plugin often causes high CPU and memory usage. Grooveshark Control Center is designed to work with Google Chrome. Google Chrome ships its own optimized Flash rendering engine which performs much better than that of Adobe.

The following screenshot of the Activity Monitor shows the CPU utilization of Musicality and Google Chrome (both running Grooveshark). Musicality uses almost 6 times as much CPU and 3 times as much memory as Google Chrome.

Grooveshark Control Center allows you to control Grooveshark by using a drop-down menu and/or hot-keys. Thus you can perform common actions, such as to jump to the next song or to like/dislike a song, without changing the window.

Additionally, this app comes with a special feature that allows you to ban artists, so they are not played again. Grooveshark does not allow to dislike an artist, just songs. Thus, if you turn on the radio, you might get songs of that artist you hate over and over again, even if you dislike all his/her songs.

In future releases I might add:

  • - Airplay support
  • - Hot-keys configuration
  • - Enable hide/show icon in dock
  • - New radio stations based on your music likes and dislikes

If you want to give me feedback or want me to add new features you can drop me a line at

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I will start soon tweetting changes/updates and, in general, improvements to Grooveshark Control Center. You can follow me here.

I am now working on a stand-alone player to control Grooveshark remotely. Here you have a few mock-ups. The idea is to create a borderless window that only shows its controls when the user mouses over.

When the user cursors over the player, the following controls appear:

Animated transition to the next song: