G52IFR 2011/12 Tutorials


Every Tuesday’s tutorial is the same as the next Monday’s.

1. Check your group.

  1. 2.Check your timetable and location. Sorry for the mismatch of group number on the school’s timetable, please use this timetable. Thank you!

  2. 3.You can download tutorial scripts from your tutors

        Li Nuo (nzl)

        Nicolai Kraus (ngk)

  1. 4.If you have questions, please post it on forum so that we can present answer to all of you.

  2. 5.Check your coursework mark. If your mark has not been updated, please be patient. If you have questions about your mark, send email to your tutor.


  1. 1.Please read notes in coursework carefully. Comment out unprovable lemmas and state “not provable” clearly. We will subtract marks according to the rules (of course not if you write “unprovable” for “not provable” ).

  2. 2.End your proofs with “Qed.”

  3. 3.You don’t have to change your filename, just save it as “ex01.v” (At least not save it with a digit as first character).

  4. 4. Also end “Section X.” with “End X.” (X is the section name).

  5. 5.You can check marking scheme on forum.