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Nuo Li

PhD student in University of Nottingham


I am a PhD student supervised jointly by Thorsten Altenkirch and Thomas Anberrée. I am currently interested in Type Theory, Category Theory, Homotopy Type Theory, and functional programming languages especially dependently type programming languages like Agda. I participated the Univalent Foundations Program during Feb to April 2013 in Institute of Advanced Study in Princeton. To learn more about Homotopy Type Theory check this book.

Research work

My current main research is about quotient types in type theory which starts from

Final year (undergraduate) dissertation supervised by Thorsten Altenkirch

I am also interested in the study of Homotopy Type Theory and did some work about ω-groupoids

FP Away Day 2013 paper

Other work

Category with Families formalisation [Agda Code]

First year report

Second year report

2013 FP Away day talk

Previous Teaching

G52IFR (Tutorials)
  • Introduction for Formal Reasoning (2010, 2011, 2012)

Where I Come From

I am from a "small" city called Jinhua, which is in Zhejiang Province of China

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