Professor David Brailsford

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School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus
Nottingham NG8 1BB

+44 115 951 4207


I will be supervising a few Individual Projects next academic year. Details of Individual Project ideas for 2015/2016 can be found here


For the past 20 years my research has centred around Digital Documents, both in layout-based (e.g. PostScript, PDF) and in structure-based (e.g SGML, XML) representations. The interplay of structure and appearance, and the transformation and manipulation of digital documents, is of particular interest. Our recent work on document components ( COGs) in SVG and PDF enables us to cut, paste and reuse pieces of a document in these formats. Another interest is in compound documents containing more than one document representation which enables standoff markup to be used to cross correlate one representation with another.

Our current work encompasses XML, XSLT, PDF, SVG, and metadata. Some of this work is sponsored by Adobe Systems Inc. and some by Hewlett-Packard UK. The HP work focuses on languages and technologies useful for Variable Data Printing -- and indeed this work now includes an adaptation of previously developed COG techniques. Full details of all projects under way in the Document Engineering Laboratory can be found here.

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