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Roland Backhouse


Roland Backhouse joined the School of Computer Science in September 1999. He retired in November 2013 and is now an emeritus professor. (So he is not as young as the photograph might suggest!) He continues to do some research and to publish occasionally.


Research Interests:

Mathematics of program construction. Calculus of relations. Category theory. Mathematical method. Generic programming. On-line document preparation systems oriented to the needs of authors of mathematical documents.
Publications and working documents. Lectures.

See also the MathSpad project.





     Problem Solving



The first part of my book Algorithmic Problem Solving introduces program construction principles via a variety of puzzles and games. The second part discusses the relevant mathematical techniques. The book is based on a module of the same name that was taught at the University of Nottingham from September 2003 until my retirement.

The cover shows solutions to the Knight's Circuit problem for different sized boards. (The centre figure shows an 8x8 board.)

See here for more information on algorithmic problem solving.

Program Construction


My book Program Construction.
is published by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


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