School of Computer Science and Information Technology


Module Code: G53PAL

Method and frequency of class: Two lectures per week.

  1. Tuesday, 1st October, 14.00--16.00, Computer Science Building, room B53.
  2. Subsequent weeks (depending on numbers), 14.00-16.00, CTF-C4.

This venue and time may change depending on the number of students wishing to follow the module.

Method of assessment: Take-home examination. The examination will be distributed during the examination period and a minimum of one week will be allowed to complete the examination. Informal coursework will be given and marked but the marks will not count towards the assessment. The examination may be accompanied by an oral examination as a safeguard against plagiarism (for example, if a student has not completed any informal coursework during the semester).

Module convener: Prof R C Backhouse


  1. Fixed Point Calculus and Galois Connections postscript, pdf

Lecture notes

Come prepared to take notes. Occasionally, summary slides of the lectures will be made available here.


  1. 1st October, 2002. Overview
  2. 1st October, 2002. Kleene Algebra, "Arithmetic" Operators
  3. 8th October, 2002. Graphs and Matrices
  4. 15th October, 2002. Iteration (Kleene Star)
  5. 22nd October, 2002. All-Paths Algorithm
  6. 29th October, 2002. Fixed Points and Prefix Points
  7. 5th November, 2002. Games
  8. 3rd December, 2002. Galois Connections
  9. 10th December, 2002. Fixed Point Calculus
  10. 7th January, 2002. Revision

Past Examinations

Past examination papers and outline solutions 2000-2001, 2001-2002

Getting Help

If you have any questions on the module then please come to see me immediately after the lecture or in my office (room B30).

If you do have difficulty getting hold of me, there are forms attached to my door for you to book an appointment.