The MathSpad Editor

Welcome to the official homepage of the MathSpad editor.

New: Version 0.80 is out

MathSpad (pronounced Maths-pad) is a system that aims to take the misery out of ``logical design'' systems without sacrificing any of their advantages over WYSIWYG systems. It is a general-purpose structure editor that is particularly useful for writing articles that contain substantial amounts of mathematical calculations.

The innovatory feature of MathSpad is the notion of a stencil. A stencil defines two views of a document, the on-screen view and the output view. The on-screen view is (almost) WYSIWYG whilst the output view is a file written in an ascii-based markup language. The system is optimised for use with producing TeX and LaTeX, but it can also be used to produce HTML or troff documents, input to a symbolic mathematics package etc..

If you want to find out more about the system, you can select one of the pages below.

MathSpad was developed by Richard Verhoeven under the direction of Roland Backhouse. The project terminated in May 2000.

Roland Backhouse.