Suggestions for individual projects

Roland Backhouse

This is a list of project suggestions for the academic year 2011/2012. The suggestions are suitable for students registered on the Advanced Computer Science, Scientific Computation and Information Technology degrees. If you are interested in one or more of the projects, or would like to do something similar, then please come to see me (room B30) or send me an email to arrange an appointment.

In general, I am interested in projects that have a strong algorithmic content; I would be pleased to supervise projects of this nature in areas other than those listed below.

Automated Assistance in the Design of WoodblocX Structures

WoodblocX is a company that manufactures lego-like wooden structures for use in the garden or playground. (One of the more complicated examples is a dinosaur-like sandpit.) The company uses auto-cad to help with the design process but further automation is desirable. In the currrent academic year (2011-12) an undergraduate project is being undertaken with the support and cooperation of the company. This project would take that work further. Because the project may involve direct contact with the company, the criteria for selection are very high: only students with demonstrably excellent programming skills will be considered. Experience with auto-cad is not a prerequisite but it will be necessary to learn how to use and extend the software.

Combinatorial Games

Wei Chen and I have recently invented a novel class of solitaire-like games played on a one-dimensional tape. The solution of these games involves exploiting polynomial arithmetic. The project would be to develop efficient solutions for particular subclasses of the games and to implement the solutions in a way that can be used to support the teaching of the techniques.

DNA analysis

The project is to explore the use of non-standard shortest-path algorithms when comparing pairs of DNA sequences.

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