Bas van Gijzel

I'm a final year research PhD student in the Functional Programming Lab of the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. My supervisor is Henrik Nilsson.

My current avenue of research is about relating, implementing and generalising formal models of argumentation through the Curry-Howard isomorphism, functional programming techniques and a pinch of category theory.

Some of my interests lie in (dependently typed) functional programming, type systems and general theory of programming languages, but also in formal argumentation, non-monotonic logic and artificial intelligence in general.

Drafts and Publications



All code is now also available on GitHub! Patches and suggestions are always welcome!

Teaching Activities

Current teaching: Previous teaching at University of Nottingham: Previous teaching at Utrecht University: Previous teaching at University of Twente:

Other activities

Functional Programming Laboratory Away Day 2012
Cake Society (Cake Soc) 2012-2013

Personal Stuff

If you were looking for anything less researchy, you'll have to try a bit harder!

Either add me to Google+ to find some cooking-related posts or google for my name combined with the keyword whiskey. Finally there's also my blag: A dose of logic, which is actually mostly research-related as well. You can find more slides and other, hopefully interesting stuff there, which I worked on during my previous studies.

Contact Information

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Office A02 bmv AT cs DOT nott DOT ac DOT uk View Bas van Gijzel's profile on LinkedIn
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham
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Last update: 4th June, 2015