Instructions for installing the Haskell implementation of Dung's argumentation frameworks (AFs)

1. Installing Haskell

To install the Haskell platform and get familiar with basic Haskell see Haskell in 5 steps or directly download and install the Haskell Platform.

2. Download and install the implementation

If familiar with cabal and standard Haskell library installations, Option 1 is advised.

If having problems with installing using cabal, choose Option 2 to install the implementation of Dung's AFs.

3. Using the implementation

For definitions, explanations, and examples of Dung's argumentation frameworks and its implementation see the accompanying papers: Towards a framework for the implementation and verification of translations between argumentation models and A principled approach to the implementation of argumentation models.

There is also extensive documentation and examples available (with source code) on Hackage as the Dung Cabal package, in specific the examples file. Alternatively consult the old literate Haskell paper source here.

4. Formalisation of Dung's AFs in Agda

We have also formalised Dung's AFs up to grounded semantics into the Agda theorem prover.
See the Agda source file here. Enable Unicode in your editor/browser!

5. Translating a Carneades Argument Evaluation Structure (CAES)

Carneades Argument Evaluation Structures written in the CarneadesDSL package can now be translated directly into our implementation of Dung's argumentation frameworks by using our translation package CarneadesIntoDung.

6. Public repository

This package is now also available on GitHub. Patches and suggestions are more than welcome!

7. References

8. Questions or comments

If you have any questions or feedback please do send an email to bmv AT cs DOT nott DOT ac DOT uk.

Last update: 2nd May, 2015