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G53CMP Compilers: Coursework Support Page (Autumn 2013)


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The oral schedule for Part II is now available below.


The full description of Part II of the coursework is now available. It is available below.


The oral schedule for Part I is now available below.


Part I of the coursework has now been released. It is available below.


This webpage has been updated for 2013.

Revision Exercises

If your Haskell skills are rusty, then I'd recommend that you start by working through the following unassessed exercises:

Haskell Refresher

Coursework Source Code

The coursework consists of two parts, with each part having a separate hand-in deadline. The coursework source files for part two will be made available later.

Archives containing the source code for Part I and Part II of the coursework available:

The assessed tasks for each part are specified in separate documents:

Asking Questions about the Coursework

If you have any queries, please:
  1. First consult the G53CMP Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. There is also a G53CMP Web Forum where you can ask (and answer) questions about the coursework or other aspects of the module. However, we do ask that you do not post the exact solutions to the coursework.
  3. Make use of your lab session.

Oral Exams

The coursework will be assessed by oral examination during the laboratory sessions.

The oral schedule is now available here:

Should you miss your assigned examination slot with good cause, you need to explain the situation to your personal tutor. If he or she finds that that there indeed was a valid reason for why you couldn't make your slot, they should send an e-mail to the G53CMP module convener where they explain the situation and ask for a catch-up examination slot on your behalf. You cannot make such a request directly yourself. Also note that the TAs have no authority to grant such requests.

Note: For Part I you are also required to download the following test files into the same directory as your HMTC source code. During the examination you may be asked to perform these tests and explain the results.

Note that "Tester.hs" can be run by loading it into GHCi and typing "runTests defaultTests".


At the end of your oral exam your marked script will be returned to you. The feedback on the exercises is thus a combination of the marked script and the oral feedback giving by the tutors during the oral exam. The marking scheme is as follows:

Each individual task is to be assessed on three aspects:

In each case, the assessment is an integer mark 0, 1, or 2:

In more detail:

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