My Research
Dr James Goulding is Deputy Director of N-LAB, a Centre for International Analytics at the University of Nottingham. He is assistant Professor in Analytics at NUBS, has a PhD in Machine Learning, a BSc in Econometrics, and formerly led the Data Science programme at EPSRC's Horizon Digital Economy Institute.

James specializes in novel forms of data science - time series analysis, summarization and visualization of massive data sets - withs a particular focus on analysis of closed source, commercial datasets and promotion of international development and social good.
James currently runs several widely funded research projects covering different aspects of this field: James is a member of the , University of Nottingham.
Contact Details
0115 82 32557
0115 82 32551
University of Nottingham,
Jubilee Campus,
NG8 1BB, UK.

Current Projects

Neo-demographics: Consumer data
Finding Patterns in Human Behaviour:
Neo-demographics is the emergent characterization of human behaviour via the processing and analysis of mass digital footprint data. We are developing novel data mining techniques...
International Development & Data
From Flood Resilience to the modelling of Dengue Fever, new data streams and advances in machine learning research offer huge potential to both support and advance international development and promote social good.
3D Data Projection
The Projection Augmented Relief Model (PARM) system is an award winning new display system that provides a physical, 3D approach to data visualization....
Recent Awards
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation [$100,000]
    Financial Mapping in East Africa [2016].
  • UK Space Agency (Space for All Programme) [£6,000]
    Revealing Martian Landscapes through Linked Physical and Virtual Models [2016].
  • ESRC/DFID/NERC Big Data for Reslience [£9,972]
    Big Data for Flood Resilience in East Africa [2015].
  • EPSRC Next Stage Digital Economy grant [£4,062,954]
    From Human Data to Personal Experience [2015].
  • Newton Funds (British Council) Institutional Links [£72,100]
    Public Health Intelligence Network for Dengue Surveillance in Malaysia [2015].
  • Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership [£169,600]
    3D Laser Mapping and University of Nottingham [2015].
  • ESPRC/ESRC New Economic Models in the Digital Economy [£762,424]
    Opening Developing Markets via Collaboration and Personal Data [2014].
  • Innovate UK Transport Systems Catapault [£179,593]
    East Midlands Intelligent Mobility Partnership [2014].
  • Innovate UK, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (w/ Krow Advertising) [£136,177]
    A collaborative project to generate data analysis "dashboards" for predictive analytics [2014]...
[see full list here]
Recent Publications
  • Event Series Prediction via Non-homogeneous Poisson Process Modelling, Goulding, J., Preston, S., Smith, G., Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), Barcelona, Dec 2016.
  • Cross-domain Recommendation via linguistic modelling of social media data, Alanazi, S., McAuley, D., Goulding, J., ACM SIGWEB Conference on Hypertext, Montreal, 2016.
  • Beyond Customer Segmentation - Temporal Topic Modelling for Big Retail Data, Goulding, J., Smith. G, Iliffe, M., Smith A., American Marketing Association Conference, Las Vegas, Feb 2016.
  • Mobile Money - Towards Understanding Spending Patterns in Emerging Economies, Iliffe, M., Smith, A., Roadknight, Goulding, J., American Marketing Association Conference, Las Vegas, Feb 2016.
  • Potential impact of air pollution coverage in the media on respiratory disease admissions, Goulding, J., Tang P-S, Shaw, D., Britsh Thoracic Society Winter Meeting (BTS), December 2015, London.
  • A novel symbolization technique for time-series outlier detection, Smith, G., Goulding, J., ASH Workshop, IEEE Conference on Big Data (IEEE BigData), Oct 2015, Santa Clara.
  • Computation of Novel Ideas from Scientific Corpora, Liu, H., Goulding, J., European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD), Sept 2015, Porto.
  • AMP: a new time-frequency feature extraction method for intermittent time-series data, Barrack, D., J. Goulding J., Hopcraft, K., Preston, S., Smith, G., ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Time Series Workshop, Aug 2015, Sydney.
  • A Refined Limit on the Predictability of Human Mobility, Smith, G., Weiser, R., Goulding, J., Barrack, D., IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing (PERCOM), Hungary, March 24-28, 2015.
  • Mapping Urban Neighbourhoods from Internet Derived Data, Brindley, P., Goulding, J., Wilson, M., ACM SIGSPATIAL, 2014, Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Data Donation - Sharing Personal Data for Public Good. Skatova, A., Ng., E, Goulding, J., Digital Economy 2014: Application of Digital Innovation, 2014, London, UK.
  • Using Commercial Big Data to inform social policy, Andrew Smith, James Goulding, 39th Annual Macromarketing Conference 2014, London, July 02-05, 2014.
  • A basis projection method for the clustering of intermittent time-series, Barrack, D., Goulding, J., Hopcraft, K., Preston, S., Smith., G., International Congress of Mathematicians, 2014, Seoul.
  • Towards optimal symbolization for time series comparisons, Smith, G., Goulding, J., Barrack. D., IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, 2014.
[see full list here]
PhD Supervision
  • Rosa Lavelle-Hill - Big Data and Psychology (1st Year)
  • Gregor Engelmann - Transport and Big Data in Emerging Economies (2nd Year)
  • Sam Doehren - Application of Social Network Analysis in Creditworthiness (2nd Year)
  • Long Wen - The Relationship between Environmental Degradation and Economic Development (2nd Year)
  • Haixia Liu - Computation of Novel Ideas from mass corpora of text (3rd Year)
  • Will Darler - Customer lifecycle analysis from Transactional Logs (3rd Year)
  • Georgiana Avram - Data ethnography & urban narratives: Humanizing the analysis of Big Data (3rd Year)
  • Sultan Alanazi - Automated Extraction of Preferences via Social Media (4th Year)
  • Paul Holmes - A User-centric Approach to Information Management (Completed 2016)
  • Dr Paul Brindley - Generating Vague Geospatial Information via Data Mining of Passive Web Data (Completed 2016)
  • Dr William Preston - Attack Points for Pedestrian Navigation in Augmented Reality (Completed 2014)
  • Dr Mark Dimond - Journey Extraction from Mobile data for Route Prediction (Completed 2013)
  • Dr Sam Meek - Influence of Digital Surface Model choice on Visibility-based Mobile Geospatial Applications (Completed 2013)
[see full list here]