About Me

I am a naturally curious and enthusiastic person with interests in all forms of Science and technology. I have a strong background in programming, web technology and was awarded a first class degree in Computer Science, BSc, from Loughborough University in 2011, I joined the school of computer science in May 2012 to undertake a PhD in plant systems biology focusing on complex biological networks.


My research focuses on using the power of complex networks research and applying it to plant networks in order to gain information about the function and formation Biological processes. My particular focus geared towards community detection and cross species analysis.


As part of the vseed project , EndoNet and RadNet provide web based visulaisations of microarray based highthroughput time series gene expression experiments conducted on Arabidopsis seeds during germination in the endosperm and radicle. See the work of Dekkers et al. for more information.



  • B.J.W. Dekkers, S. Pearce, R.P. van Bolderen-Veldkamp, A. Marshall, P. Widera, J. Gilbert, H. Drost, G.W. Bassel, K. Muller, J.R. King, A.T.A. Wood, I. Grosse, M. Quint, N. Krasnogor, G. Leubner-Metzger, M.J. Holdsworth, L. Bentsink
    Transcriptional dynamics of two seed compartments with opposing roles in Arabidopsis seed germination
    in Plant Physiology, 2013