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Osman Ali Sadek Ibrahim



I passed my PhD viva with 3 months minor corrections. My research interests are involving Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Evolutionary Algorithms and Machine Learning Techniques. I obtained my B.Sc. from Faculty of Science, Computer Science Department, Minia University, Egypt. Where, I also obtained my Master of Science (M.Sc.) by research in Computer Science titled: "Using Genetic Algorithms to improve Information Retrieval”, 2007. The main subject of my M.Sc. research is about using genetic algorithm to improve query learning problems. I was working as a teaching assistant in Computer Science Department from 2002-2009, for teaching Computer Science practical courses such as programming C, C++, C# and Databases (Oracle and SQL server 2005) and numerous others. In addition, I had some Microsoft courses in Egypt about Windows Servers Administrator, and .NET 2005 (C# and ASP.NET) and Java2EE (JavaBeans, Servlet) by Oracle Egypt and Synergy Egypt in the past.

At the moment I am a reviewer in Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, Cogent Engineering, and HAIS2017. I also PhD internship student with Horizon Digital economy in project titled: Emancipating Users Against Algorithmic Biases for a Trusted Digital Economy.


See my C.V. outline: CV



My Supervisors: (1) Dr. Dario Landa-Silva (Main Supervisor). (2) Dr. Steven Bagley (Second Supervisor).







Mariem and Eman in Pride Ceremony (Dunkirk Primary School). Mariem is the school ambassador. Also, Mariem & Eman have pride prizes.