Areas of Interest

Below are some areas which I have interest as a researcher
Combinatorial Optimization Problems.
Ever since my graduation I've been involved with such problems and they fascinate me. I have experience with the Traveling Salesman Problem, Assignment Problem, Graph Planarization Problem, Scheduling Problems and recently problems involving Scheduling, Rostering and Routing (Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem - WSRP).
Graph Theory.
Graphs can be used to represent almost anything therefore problems involving graphs are common over the literature. I've worked with the graph drawing area, precisely the graph planarization problem.
Heuristics, Metaheuristics and Hyperheuristics.
Sometimes problems are just too complex for the mathematical approach to be applied. Sometimes the data sets are too large. Sometimes flexibility are demanded. To any case you have the option to adopt heuristic methods to solve such problems. I have been working with heuristics since my early graduation projects and developed some affinity with Evolutionary Algorithms. I am familiar with the most common metaheuristic approaches for optimization problems such as Simmulated Annealing, VNS, VND, GRASP and Evolutionary Algorithms (Genetic and Memetic Algorithms, Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization).
Artificial Intelligence.
This is something that has always fascinated me and always will. I have experience with Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks and logic modelling. Recently I have been studying how to incorporate AI methods to aid on decision making systems, specially those who interacts with the human user during the process.