*A tablet (IOS or Android) and/or web system for teaching young children there tables*

Duolingo is an excellent system for teaching languages that tracks performance and refreshes problem areas of learning just before you forget things. This project involves building a simplified system that teaches children there multiplication tables using similar ideas.

*Various projects involving the Markers Apprentice (TMA)*

A computerised marking framework with particular focus on improving feedback called the Marker's Apprentice (TMA) has recently been developed (Beesley, Nutbrown & Higgins, 2014). This consist of a server for storing the software, marking criteria and student solutions and feedback. The system is extremely flexible and can be used to aid human marking marking it faster and more reliable. It can also automatically mark work using any tool that is written or tailored for the system. The view of the system is in several parts. Firstly there is a client application which uses Java RMI to access the system and allows the marking of student work. There is also a web client that students can use to submit their work and view their (extensive) feedback. This student interface is a prototype and needs completely re-engineering. A project consists of developing some tools to support the server from various users points of view. 1. One possibility is to create a new student interface. This is somewhat complex as it involves Ajax, Javascript etc, rather than just a simple interface. 2. The student interface is also needed on a tablet device either in the form of a tailored web interface or an App. 3. A particularly interesting role is to create exercises; a graphical tool to allow the structure of the marking and the marking tools to be selected and parameterised would be very interesting. 4. A view allowing the module convenor/marker to moderate any hand-marking is needed. Full details of the system will be provided at the start of the project.

*Asteroids game or similar for iPad/Android*

See eg Yet Another Asteroids Clone. Port/rewrite a classic game/games fro iPad or Android.

*Coursework grades visualisation/moderation plugin for the Markers Apprentice*

(HTML, PHP, Javascript required). Currently, grades and feedback for coursework is uploaded to Moodle using a csv file. Moderation of the marks is an offline task, which involves going through the mark scheme and checking the averages each marker has given for each component of the mark scheme. This takes a lot of time. A new system named The Marker's Apprentice (T.M.A) is able to provide more detail than just "grade" and "feedback". It does this by breaking down the work into a marking tree and storing the result as xml files. This project is to allow for the upload of zip files, containing the results.xml files to be uploaded to Moodle. The grades would be included in the students gradebook, and would be hidden until moderation is complete. From there, it would be useful to create some graphs, charts or alerts, based on the grades given for each component of the mark scheme to highlight specific components which particular markers may have been lenient or harsh on. This project requires knowledge of PHP (For processing the XML and working with Moodle), HTML (For showing results)and Javascript - perhaps jQuery (For drawing visualisations).

*Android/IOS interface to the Markers Apprentice*

My research is involved in automated and semi automated assessment with the aim of improving coursework feedback. This project would involve writing a tablet interface to the system (as opposed to the current web interface). New server side software would also be needed to optimise the features unique to tablets such as the touch screen but limited screen size.

Useful Pi Apps

Write or port something useful to the Pi. For ideas take a look at the Apple or Android App stores - there are only a few hundred thousand ideas out there! The Raspberry Pi has few apps so far so this would be a chance to get known!

Property Tycoon Game

There are a variety of investment opportunities available, from deposit accounts to stock market investments. One that is particularly interesting is that of buying and letting properties. The financial benefits are potential very good, but it is difficult to grasp these as there are so many variables (eg inflation, interest rates, house price inflation, rental income, maintenance, up-front costs of buying, number of houses owend and their value, quality etc). The purpose of this project is to build a software model that would allow the user to vary these values and see what the effect (over time) of their decisions is on a variety of scenarios. It would be particularly interesting to be able to plot graphs of the outcomes against different parameter values or have some other visual representation. It might even be possible to give probablilites to these values and produce some form of "probability envelopes" showing the range of potential effects. While this would in itself make an interesting project, an extension would be to build a game based on the model. The game would vary the parameters within a set of ranges, over time, allowing one or more players to interact by buying and selling and chosing mortgages etc and to see how good their investments prove over time.

Sports result prediction

I have lots of data on how the odds vary over time for different sporting events. this needs mining and a system building (using AI techniques?) to detect any trends and ways of predicting outcomes.

Pentominoes for the web

A web-based graphic interface for solving pentominoes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentomino).

Pentominoes for iOS/Android

See above but for a mobile phone/tablet.

*Cursive Handwriting Recognition*

I have been working on this for many years! Modern OO techiniques now make some old ideas feasible. Lots of interesting AI/pattern recognitioon stuff here.

Mobile Phone/Tablet projects

I have a variety of these in mind

Shorthand Recognition, diagram editing, pen gesture recognition, signature verifiaction, handwriting recognition.

Novel Input for a IOS/Android

Getting text into a PDA is notoriously inefficient. The print and handwriting input on themk is not overly good and keyboards are not a good option as they are bulky. This project is to implement an idea I saw in New Scientist where movement of the stylus causes the interface to alter until the chosed word is selected


I have an interest in many games for example bridge, backgammon, go blackjack, poker, dominoes and many others. There are various ideas for projects to do with games, from GUIs to evolutionary players or other AI players.

Polishing Text to a High Standard

Obtain on-line copies of one of the standard Oxford English dictionaries (we may have these already). We also have a copy of Roget's Thesaurus. Web based resources should also be used.
Using tools already developed in the department (related to our Roget's Thesaurus) we can determine for particular words
* how many meanings they may have generally
* how many meanings they may have in the current context, taking the surrounding words into account
* what alternative words may have the required meaning, but be less ambiguous
* what additional words could be added to the context to make the meaning less ambiguous.
The project is to write a system to "polish" a document to a high standard which includes going through it applying considerations such as the above to every word. It will require user intervention in many cases. There are many other aspects of writing/checking for good English grammar that could be applied.

Intelligent Screen Saver/interesting web crawler/mobile device app

Build an AI system (eg a web crawler) that runs continuously at low priority picking up interesting (whatever that means!) images, web pages and other on-line content and puts them in a directory. A screen saver, when it runs, could display these images in a variety of formats. Alternatively the information gathered could be accessed and displayed in an app for Android/IOS