Third Year Individual Project 2009-2010


In your second year, you undertook a major software engineering project as part of a group. In your final year, you will be undertaking an individual project. You will be responsible for selecting a project to work on, and approaching staff to negotiate supervision.

This individual project will give you a taste of working independently and being responsible for making decisions and planning your own schedules etc. As a result it will prepare you for either working in industry or for undertaking postgraduate study as part of a research degree. You will gain some experience in writing a major dissertation and giving demonstrations of your work.

Currently you need to select a supervisor and a project topic. Tips on how to do this, and information of the project, can be found from this years G53IDS homepage

If you believe you have arranged a supervisor, please check the list of project supervisors to make sure your name is there. If your name is not there, you will be regarded as not having a supervisor and will be allocated one by me at random. Clearly this will be detrimental to your dissertation so do not make me do this! If you have not arranged a supervisor you can also check this list to see which supervisors are still available.

Here is the Xmas 2009 Presentations Schedule

Last update: 2nd July 2009.
Project co-ordinator: Colin Higgins.