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G53OPS: Operating Systems (Lecture Schedule)


G53OPS: Operating Systems (Lecture Schedule)

This is the page for the Operating Systems course which is run by The School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. The course is a mandatory course for the final year (3rd year) of our Computer Science degree (UCAS Code G400). It is an optional course for a variety of other degree courses.

Lecture Schedule

The schedule below is provisional and will be updated as necessary. It will be updated on a Thursday for the following week.

Tue 29th Jan 2013: Lecture 1 - intro

Thu 31st Jan 2013: Lecture 2 - intro: Read Fifth Generation Operating System Papers

Tue 5th Feb 2013: Lecture 3 - processes

Thu 7th Feb 2013: Lecture 4 - processes

Tue 12th Feb 2013: NO LECTURE

Thu 16th Feb 2013: Lecture 5 - processes

Tue 19th Feb 2013: Lecture 6 - processes BS South B52): Read material on threads (eg Tanenbaum 2nd edition section 2.2)

Thu 21st Feb 2013: Lecture 7 - MM: Read material on Memory Managment (eg Tanenbaum 2nd edition chapter 4)

Tue 26th Feb 2013: Lecture 8 - MM

Thu 28th Feb 2013: Lecture 9 - MM: Read material on Translation Lookaside Buffers (eg Tanenbaum 2nd edition section 4.3 or Silbershatz

Tue 5th Mar 2013: Lecture 10 - MM

Thu 7th Mar 2013: NO LECTURE

Tue 12th Mar 2013: Lecture 11 - Disks: Read material on Disks (eg Tanenbaum 2nd edition section 5.4)

Thu 14th Mar 2013: Lecture 12 - Files: Read material on Files (eg Tanenbaum 2nd edition chapter 6)

Tue 19th Mar 2013: Lecture 13 - Files

Thu 21st Mar 2013: Lecture 14 - Files(4.3BSD): Read material on Berkely File Store (eg Leffler et al 7.4 4.3BSD Operating System)

Tue 23rd Apr 2013: Lecture 15 - OS Comparison

Thu 25th Apr 2013: Lecture 16 - OS Comparison

Tue 30th Apr 2013: Lecture 17 - Revision and Exam Technique