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G53OPS: Operating Systems (Slides)


G53OPS: Operating Systems (Slides)

This is the page for the Operating Systems course which is run by The School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham. The course is a mandatory course for the final year (3rd year) of our Computer Science degree (UCAS Code G400). It is an optional course for a variety of other degree courses.

Powerpoint Slide pdfs

History of Operating Systems pdf, (pdf6up)

Processes pdf

Threads pdf

Process Scheduling pdf

Memory Management pdf

Disks pdf

File Systems pdf (BSD4.3 notes)

Windows Case Study

Android Case Study

Old Slides

These material in these slides is still largely relevant and may give you a different view on some aspects of the module.

Processes pdf, (pdf6up)

Memory Management pdf, (pdf6up)

Disks pdf, (pdf6up)

File Systems pdf, (pdf6up)