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Past Research Students

0. Colin Higgins PhD Automatic Recognition of Handwritten Script September 1985.
1. David Ford PhD On-line Recognition of Handwriting May 1991.
2. Mike Heard PhD A Prototype Expert System for the Geometric Rectification of Remotely Sensed Images October 1993.
3. Cleveland Gibbon PhD Object-Oriented Design Heuristics October 1997.
4. Fatma Mansouri MPhil PRAM: an automatic Prolog Marker March 2002.
5. Athanasios Tsintsifas PhD A Framework for the Computer Based Assessment (CBA) of Diagram Based Coursework March 2002.
6. Kher Hui Ng MRes Mixed Reality Interaction for Group Experience September 2002
7. Somaya Al-Ali Al-Madeed PhD Recognition of Off-line Handwritten Arabic Words June 2004.
8. Maha Al-Yahya PhD A New Model for Identifying and Describing Question/Answer Resource Semantics for Distributed Access April 2006
9. Marzieh Ahmadzadeh PhD How Patterns in Programming can Assist in Improving Analytical Skills August 2006
10. Pavlos Symeonidis PhD Automated Assessment of Java Programming Coursework for Computer Science Education February 2006
11. Brett Bligh PhD Formative Computer Based Assessment in Diagram Based Domains December 2006
12. Chye Foong Yoong MPhil Generating Self-Assessment Exercises Automatically Based on Student Profiles December 2007
13. Swe Myo Htwe PhD Handwriting Recognition of Pitman's Shorthand June 2007
14. Geoffrey Gray PhD An Automated Marking System for Graphical User Interfaces February 2008
15. Nasiroh Omar PhD Immediate Feedback as a supporting tool in a web text-handling support system February 2009
16. Marjahan Begum PhD Strategies of Novice Programmers May 2009
17. Ashraf Abdel Raouf PhD Off-line Printed Arabic Character Recognition May 2012
18. Ahmad Naim Che Pee PhD Computer Games Usage in Educational Systems 2012
Current Research Students
Essam M Eliwa PhD Web Shell Script and an Extensible Web Commands Framework start August 2005
Masood Uzzafer PhD Simulation of Strategic Management Process of Software Projects start May 2008
Stephen Nutbrown PhD Automated marking of student programs start September 2012
Wesam Shishah PhD start 2012
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