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I currently teach the following modules at Nottingham, notes etc can be found on Moodle:
1. Autumn Semester Applications Programming.
2. Spring Semester: last years module can be found here Object Oriented Programming.
[ I have taught these modules at Nottingham IN THE PAST (amongst many others :-) ) they are no longer the active links for these modules!:
1. First semester Java programming (G51PRG home page, module description). The web pages are still from last year, so the schedule is not yet correct. This will be modified soon.
2. Large Scale Systems (G52LSS home page, module description). This is new to me in 2008 so the web site will be modified as we go!
3. Quality Assurance and Testing (G53QAT home page, module description). This is new in 2008 so the web site will be modified as we go!
4. Applications Programming.
5. Object Oriented Programming.
6. Operating Systems.
I have various ideas about Individual Projects.
Previous Individual Projects might be available.
I used to teach Artificial Intelligence Programming (G5BAIP home page, module description). Past exam papers can be found here.
Information for the 09 ITI Masters students was here: Dissertation Writing; Scientific Methodology; Refs & Citations; Example Thesis; how-to-cite; understanding refs. ]


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