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Model, Architecture and System for Spatial Interaction in Virtual Environments.

This is a VR tele-conferencing system which I built as part of my PhD.

User-level features

Lower-level features


MASSIVE has been used in the COMIC project for international trials across Europe (e.g. 23/5/95: 9 users, 4 sites, 3 countries - UK, Sweden, Germany).

MASSIVE was used in the UK DEVRL project as one of the distributed VR systems under test.

MASSIVE has been used extensively (17 meetings) in the BT/JISC funded Inhabiting the Web project.

MASSIVE usually works with up to about 10 users. It will work across the internet without too much trouble (but don't expect anything interactive - like MASSIVE - to run across the normal trans-atlantic links when they're busy.

MASSIVE (version 1) is always and only a teleconferencing system and an example implementation of the spatial model of interaction - its not a general-purpose VR application development environment.


MASSIVE-1 is old. I guess you could get hold of it if you REALLY wanted to.

The future

I have stopped development on MASSIVE1 and am working with Dave Snowdon on CVE (also known as MASSIVE-2).

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Some pictures of MASSIVE.

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