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Dear PATAT 2012 Delegate,

Authors of accepted papers are invited to submit their  revised and extended full papers for consideration to be published in a Special Issue of the Annals of Operations Research

If you are an author of a full or plenary paper, an abstract or system demonstration then please revise and extend your work under the light of your PATAT 2012 contribution and submit your paper via the Editorial Manager System  before the submission deadline. Please choose «S.I. : PATAT 2012» as the Article Type during your submission. Also note that formatting instructions (including LaTeX macro package and Word template) can be found on the Annals of OR website under the "Instructions for Authors" menu item.

Important Dates:

Submission: 30th of April, 2013

Notification: 1st of November, 2013

Guest Editors:

Edmund Burke
e.k.burke (ATT)
Dag Kjenstad
dagk (ATT)
Barry McCollum
b.mccollum (ATT)
Ender Özcan
ender.ozcan (ATT)
Atle Riise
Atle.Riise (ATT)
 [Please replace (ATT) with @ in the email addresses]  

The main topics of interest of the Special Issue include (but are not limited to):

  • Broad practical timetabling areas covering

Educational   Transport       Employee Rostering Sports   Healthcare

  • Implementations
  • Commercial Packages
  • Complexity Issues
  • Distributed Timetabling Systems          
  • Experiences
  • Interactive vs Batch Timetabling
  • Timetable Updating
  • Standard Data Formats
  • Relationship with Other Scheduling Problems
  • Management vs Planning
    • Timetabling research areas covering

    • Constraint-Based Methods
    • Evolutionary Computation
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Mathematical Programming
    • Expert Systems
    • Heuristic Search
    • Knowledge Based Systems
    • Heterogeneous computing 
    • Operational Research
    • Hyper-Heuristics
    • Local Search
    • Ant Colony Methods
    • Machine Learning
    • Metaheuristics
    • Simulated Annealing
    • Tabu Search
    • Very Large Neighborhood Search
    • Graph Colouring
    • Hybrid Methods
    • Multi-Criteria Decision Making
    • Fuzzy Reasoning
    • Data Mining

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