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[Spring 2008] Overview









Every slot might not be used: see below for details.



This is a somewhat preliminary lecture overview. Some of the titles of the invited guest lectures are still to be determined. But the dates should be mostly stable.

Lecture Details


Title/Content [slides]

Speaker, Institute/Company


22 Jan

Introduction and Internet basics, Warriors of the net

Dr E. Ozcan

[LT06, Ch. 3]

23 Jan

Video: How the Victorians Wired the World


[LT06, Ch. 3] [Sta99]

29 Jan

Open source software business models – Listening: part1, part2, part3 (from USENIX Conference 2006)

Stephen R. Walli (Optaros), Brian Aker (MySQL), Miguel de Icaza (Novell/Ximian), and Mike Olsen (Oracle/SleepyCat)

Stephen R. Walli’s invited talk, [FSF08], [LT06,Ch. 2]

30 Jan

Description of the coursework

Dr E. Ozcan


5 Feb

Advances in digital identity [6SPP]

Steve Plank – Microsoft

[LT06, Ch. 6]

6 Feb

Introduction to e-commerce

Dr E. Ozcan

[LT06, Ch. 1 & 2]

12 Feb

Promoting a business in the virtual world [2SPP,6SPP]

Dr Thomas Chesney – NoU Business School / Information Systems

[LT06, Ch. 7] 


13 Feb

Past, present and future of computer games development [notes]

Nick Burton – Rare

[LT06, Ch. 3]

19 Feb

Information security [6SPP]

Joe Dauncey, Scottish & Southern Energy

[LT06, Ch. 5 & 9]

20 Feb

Trends in digital payments [6SPP]

Jim Woodworth – ACI Worldwide

[LT06, Ch. 6]

26 Feb

On demand business infrastructures [2SPP] [6SPP]

Kevine Malone – IBM

[LT06, Ch. 10-12]

27 Feb


Ciaran Norris – Altogether Digital


4 Mar

Building an E-commerce Web Site [6SPP]

Dr E. Ozcan

[LT06, Ch. 4]

5 Mar

E-commerce Web Site Project – Delivering high performance [check your CSIT email for notes]

Samantha Sierwald – Accenture

[LT06, Ch. 4]

11 Mar

Online education: commercial potential [6SPP]

Anita Fernandez-Young – NoU Business School / Marketing Division

[LT06, Ch. 3]

12 Mar

Business of web design: latest trends in web design and web-based applications [1SPP]

Simon Collison, Erskine Design

[LT06, Ch. 3 & 4]



Easter Break



22 Apr

Video: How the Victorians Wired the World, for the ones who missed it


[LT06, Ch. 3] [Sta99]

23 Apr

The Semantic Web [2SPP, 6SPP]

Steve Cayzer  – HP

[LT06, Ch. 3]

29 Apr

Emerging trends in intelligent interfaces and implications for e-commerce [6SPP]

Dr M. Sezgin – University of Cambridge, Rainbow Group


30 Apr

Open Source Software – Is it good for business? [6SPP]

John Powell, CEO of Alfresco Software

[LT06,Ch. 2]




The coursework, an essay, counts for 25 % of the total mark.

·        Detailed coursework description can be found here [>>]

·        Use CW for submitting your coursework:  CW Coursework Submission Information for Students

·        Only PDF and PS files will be accepted. A coursework in any other file format will be considered as not submitted. A file that can not be opened (by Adobe Reader 8 – GSview 4.4) also will be considered as not submitted. All students are responsible for following the status of their submission.

·        Name your file using your CSIT username, e.g. abc05m.pdf or abc05m.ps

·        Deadline: 5 March, Wednesday, 12:00

SUBMISSION STATUS: 31 submissions are successful. (3 late submissions)


Some basic information about the exam:

Past examination papers can be found here [>>].