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Germán Terrazas Angulo

Germán Terrazas Angulo, PhD

Institute for Advanced Manufacturing
Faculty of Engineering
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

T: +44 (0) 115 7484709

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Research Fellow
Design and Exploitation of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
C32 Coates Building
Research Interests
My research interest includes cloud manufacturing, evolvable systems, social network analysis, distributed manufacturing, complex systems, unconventional computing, spatial models, modeling and simulation of physical, chemical and biological models, bioinformatics, self-assembly, self-organisation, chemical-, and bio-inspired computation, evolutionary design optimisation, self-healing software, artificial intelligence, genetic programming, hyper-heuristics
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CFP NICSO 2015, Chamonix, France
Manufacturing the Future 2014, paper accepted
Artificial Life Journal paper accepted
NICSO 2013, Studies in Comp. Int., Vol. 512, Springer 2014 NICSO 2010, Studies in Comp. Int., Vol. 284, Springer 2010 NICSO 2010 Special Issue (Part I), Springer 2011 NICSO 2010 Special Issue (Part II), Springer 2011
NICSO 2013 NICSO 2010 NICSO 2011 Special Issue (Part I) NICSO 2011 Special Issue (Part II)

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