Germán's Writing Tips

As a PhD student, one of my main concerns - besides research - is how to improve writing. In order to communicate our findings in research, we write reports, drafts, conference papers, journal papers, extended abstracts, and more. All this stuff requires good style, language improvement, following rules, developing writing skills, reading and practise. For that reason, I collected and published in this section some articles I came across and that I consider helpful.

Rules of Thumb for Writing Research Articles, Tomislav Hengl and Michael Gould, 2002

Writing Guidelines: General Principles & Rules of Thumb, David Post, 2006

Step by Step Research and Writing.pdf, Kathryn L. Schwartz, 1997

Back to Basics: Twelve Rules for Writing a Publishable Article, David Thunder, 2004

Writing the Empirical Journal Article, Daryl J. Bem, 2003

Physics Writing Guide, James G. McLean, 2001

Writing about Numeric Data, Standford University, 2005

The not so Short Introduction to Latex

Math into Latex

Math Mode

The Comprehensive Latex Symbol List

Oh, I also like this comic, Jeorge Cham, www.phdcomics.com

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