Resit Exam Guide for G51FUN Functional Programming

Please read this guide carefully if you are taking the G51FUN Functional Programming resit exam during the 2014-2015 academic year, as it contains important information and resources to help you with your revision.

-- Graham Hutton, July 2015

Examinable Material

The exam will be based purely on the content of the printed lecture notes that were made available to all students at the start of the module. These lecture notes comprised the slides for lectures 1-12 and a summary of the Haskell standard prelude. If you wish to have another copy of the slides and the prelude you can print these yourself using the two preceeding links. Note that lecture 8 (functional parsers) is not examinable this year, and no additional material beyond the content of the slides for lectures 1-12 will be included in the exam.

Assessment Format

The module will be reassessed by a 100% exam, i.e. the marks for the two courseworks do not count for the reassessment. The resit exam this year comprises four compulsory questions, one of which is a multiple choice question (with no negative marking for incorrect answers), and the remaining three of which are programming questions. Unlike in some previous years, there is no essay question. A copy of the Haskell standard prelude will be provided during the exam.

Study Advice

Past Papers

Exam papers for the last two academic years: Additional material: