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Software Engineering Group Project

Graham Hutton
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham

During your first year of study you learned some of the basic principles of computer programming. In industry however, you won't usually be programming on your own, but will be working as part of a group of programmers developing a larger application. As an introduction to group working, part of your second year is made up of a software engineering group project, in which you are divided up into small groups to design, program, and document a computer application.

The aim of the group project module is for you to gain some experience in the various different aspects of group working. These include running meetings, making collective decisions, time and people management, writing reports, and giving presentations. During the project, you will also learn that being a member of a programming group can be great fun!

The group project module runs for the whole of the second year, and is worth 20 credits.

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