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Programming in Haskell

2nd Edition


Page 12. The phrase "can inferred" should be "can be inferred.

Page 74. The phrase "i captured" should be "is captured".

Page 81. The phrase "three of" should be "three or".

Page 86. The defintion for rmdups should be as follows:

     rmdups []     = []
     rmdups (x:xs) = x : rmdups (filter (/=x) xs)

Page 89. The type [Bool] should be [a] in the type for all and any.

Page 94. The phrase "covered in" should be "covered".

Page 97. The phrase "data structure" should be "data structures".

Page 130. The phrase "give an new" should be "give a new".

Page 162. The phrase "desire the" should be "desire to".

Page 175. The operator <$> on the last line should be <*>.

Page 179. The phrase "Parser of this" should be "A parser of this".

Page 207. The phrase "it easy" should be "it is easy".

Page 213. The word "quotations" should be "quotation".

Page 216. The phrase "bodies lambda" should be "bodies of lambda".

Many thanks to Harald Bögeholz, Truman Collins, Philip Craig, Hideki Ikeda, Anatoly Kamchatnov, Kamil Kisiel, Vilem-Benjamin Liepelt, Jeremy Moore, Peter Summerland, Yoshihiro Tanaka, and Adrian Wong for pointing out errors.

Please contact the author if you spot any further issues.