Dr Gavin Smith is an associate professor at The University of Nottingham, where he is the data science lead within the N/LAB. Dr. Smith holds a PhD in Computer Science and specialises in machine learning and (time series) data mining with a focus on data driven algorithms and metrics that facilitate decision making in real world environments. He has published internationally in a range of multidisciplinary venues including Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PERCOM), the IEEE International Conference on Big Data and has presented as an invited speaker at events such as the 2017 Korea Green Innovation Days focused on sustainable development in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Research Interests

Gavin's research focuses on understanding human behaviour, where he primarily specializes in two application areas: (1) data analytics/mining/machine learning for international development and (2) the more traditional field of consumer analytics, both of which he has worked in for over 10 years with projects involving over 16 organizations and three continents.

Examples of recent projects related to international development include the generation of origin-destination matrices from anonymized telecommunication data for use in generating citywide transport master-plans (with the World Bank), automated detection of road quality from satellite imagery to free up resources within the Department of Road Zanzibar (with FTL & DFID) and the development of maps of economic potential based on the analysis of mobile money in order to better locate stores in order to aid retail management in planning in developing countries (with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

From a more academic point of view his research focuses on explainable AI in general (i.e. using novel techniques in conjunction with predictive models to understand phenomena of interest, rather than just an arbitrary individual model!) as well as the efficient and effective processing of large time series data sets in order to better understand/summarise/predict human behaviour, addressing issues such as non-stationarity, intermittence (event series vs traditional time series) while ensuring appropriate interpretability for real world use. He has previously worked on projects on pedestrian route prediction, image segmentation and the validity of implicitly crowd-sourced big data.

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The data sets used in this work is primarly 3rd party data. Full information avaliable regarding the data sets and how to aquire them are avaliable from the following websites:
Smart meter data 80 Million Tiny Images Ozone dataset

The RETAIL data set is propritary data and unavailable for release. Details with regard to the data set are included in the paper.

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