Dr Gavin Smith is an assistant professor at The University of Nottingham, where he is the data science lead within the N-LAB.

Research Interests

My current research focuses the development of novel data mining and machine learning techniques to analyse and predict human behaviour from repurposed mass digital footprint data. Examples include store transactional information, call data records, movement traces and mobile money. Past projects have included image segmentation through the fusing of limited 3D cues with standard 2D information, pedestrian route prediction (PhD Thesis) and work on the applicability of utilizing web search clickthrough logs as indicators of relevance within machine learning algorithms.

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The data sets used in this work is primarly 3rd party data. Full information avaliable regarding the data sets and how to aquire them are avaliable from the following websites:
Smart meter data 80 Million Tiny Images Ozone dataset

The RETAIL data set is propritary data and unavailable for release. Details with regard to the data set are included in the paper.

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