Project Ideas

I am interested in supervising projects in HCI, games and eLearning. If you would like to do a project in any of these areas feel free to email me. You are welcome to approach me with any ideas which you may have. Alternatively, some project ideas are listed below. These can also be adapted.

A computer game to teach maths

A game to teach children about the dangers of being online

Enhancing trust in online communities

This project is a research-based project that examines levels of trust between users of online communities and looks at how trust can be enhanced between online users. For example, the project may look at what a user needs to know about another user in order for them to trust that other user, and how this might be represented in the interface. The project does not need to involve programming but will involve a more research and HCI-based approach and can include low-level prototyping. Equally it can involve programming if you wish.

Managing information overload in social networks

It is well documented that, in the current climate of social network use, information overload can be a problem. This project can take on two different forms: