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So you want something about poker?

If you are interested in one off or regular poker pieces for your newspaper/magazine/radio/internet site etc., please contact me. You can see some sample poker articles at my poker article page. You might also want to look at my home page (with navigation bar), my poker research page or my game playing research page.

I am a lecturer at The University of Nottingham where I lecture on artificial intelligence and specialise on how computers can learn to play games without being told how to play (i.e. they are given no information as to game strategy, instead the computer has to "learn" the strategy for themselves). From an academic point of view I have published several articles on this research area (see my game playing articles).

I am also a freelance writer and have written over 350 articles and a number of books.

It goes without saying that I am a keen poker player, who plays at every opportunity (which has included Las Vegas, Australia as well as the UK) and I follow the game with interest.



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