Graham Kendall

Ideas for 3rd Year Individual Projects

Please note that I have no more capacity to supervise any more students for the 2008/2009 session.


This page has some ideas for third year individual projects that Graham Kendall would be interested in supervising.

In addition, there is a list (with abstracts and some downloadable dissertations) of the previous projects I have supervised. They may give you an idea of your own, or you light like to develop one of these projects. You might also like to look at my third year project page which has advice on starting your project and producing your dissertation.

But, please do not accept this as an invitation that I will supervise you. There are many factors to consider, many outside of my control.

Due to the number of questions I get I have created a page that gives some advice about third year undergraduate projects.

  1. To devise a way in which the TSP could be presented as a puzzle. One suggestion could be to present the problem to the user, get them to complete the solution and, when they are happy, to end the game. The points awarded would be a balance between the route they achieved (the lower the better) and the time they took (the shorter the better).
  2. To evaluate if the game is popular by posting it on the internet (e.g. mindjolt in facebook) and getting feedback on the number of people who played it, if they enjoyed it etc.