Graham Kendall

Undergraduate Third Year Projects

Please note that I have no more capacity to supervise any more students for the 2008/2009 session.


Via this section of my web site you can access various information to do with third year, undergraduate dissertations.
In the School of Computer Science & IT at The University of Nottingham each third year student has to do a third year dissertation. This is a substantial peice of work which accounts for one third of their marks for the final year.
In some cases, depending on the degree, it can account for one sixth of the final year marks. This is the case with some joint honours students.

Via this page, you can find the following information.

If you are inteested in me supervising your project then please EMAIL me with your idea and a brief outline of the project. At the moment we (that is the lecturers in the School of Computer Science & IT) supervise about ten students per year and places fill up quickly. Therefore, it is worth getting your supervision sorted out early (certainly before the summer break).


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