Grants Awarded:

  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Optimisation for Business Intelligence.
    Funded by: KTP Scheme under Project No. KTP10464.
    Academic Team: D. Landa-Silva, I. Triguero, G. Figueredo.
    Industrial Partner: PXtech Ltd.
    Project Duration: March 2017 - January 2020.
    Value of Award: £207,551 (£139,059 from Innovate UK + £68,492 from PXtech).
    Date of Award: June 2016.

I am also an external collaborator on the following project:
  • Tools and Models of Data Science using Computational Intelligence. Big Data. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation: Research Project TIN2011-28488 at University of Granada. Researcher, Principal Researcher: F. Herrera. (Sept 2015 - August 2018)

Peer esteem

  • Keynote talk “Big Data Learning in Practice” at the Belgian-Dutch Conference on Machine Learning (Benelearn), 12-13 September 2016. Slides and souce code can be downloaded from here
  • Tutorial on “Big Data: Technologies and Computational Intelligence Approaches” at the (IEEE WCCI 2016), 24-29 July 2016. Slides can be downloaded from here
  • Tutorial on “Big data learning with evolutionary algorithms” at the (IEEE Conference on Evolutionary Computation 2017), 5-8 June 2017. Slides and source code can be downloaded from here
  • Program Co-Chair at IEEE International Conference on Smart Data (Dec 16-19) 2016, Chengdu, China. Link
  • Program Co-Chair at IEEE Conference on Big Data Science and Engineering Sydney, Australia, August 1 - 4, 2017. Link
  • Tutorial on “Fuzzy Models for Data Science and Big data” at the (IEEE Conference on Fuzzy Systems 2017), 9-12 July 2017. Slides can be downloaded from here
  • Program Co-Chair at IEEE BigData Congress, San Francisco, CA, USA, July 2 - 7, 2018. Link


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