MSc Project Ideas:

Please note that these projects are all programming related. If you are looking for a project which avoids programming, for instance in management, then they may not be great for you.

Board and Cardgames

I am interested in many types of board and card games. There are many things which could be done in this area and here are some ideas: You can find more information on a huge number of boardgames of all types here

Artificial Intelligence

I would be interested in somebody looking into AI players for traditional board games as well as some more modern games. There is a huge body of research into automated players for many traditional games, but there are any modern boardgames which it could be interestingly applied to. This may, of course, possibly involve simplifying the rules a lot, or maybe not, depending on the student and the game of choice.

Optimisation Algorithms

If you have a reasonable level of both mathematical and programming ability then you may be interested in a project working on an optimisation problem. These usually mean considering a real world problem, building a model of it and producing an algorithm to find good, or even optimal, solutions for it. Since this is precisely in my chosen research area I am happy to supervise any projects in this area.

Obviously, there is an overlap between this and some of the game AI projects, but some other examples are:
Routing of vehicles - what path should vehicles take, in what order should places/people be visited
Airport scheduling - I have ongoing research in various airport-related problems
Factory production scheduling - how should machines be allocated to task in order to meet some criteria
Timetabling problems - when / in what order should things be done
Rostering problems - how should shifts be allocated to people in order to meet as many requests and requirements as possible