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Last Update: 22 September 2015

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Computers in the World (G53CWO)

General Information:

The information here corresponds to Semester 1 of the session 2015-2016.

See the Module Specification.

See the Reading List.

This module is compulsory for most students in the School of Computer Science. If you are considering taking this module as an optional one in your studies, but need more information to make your decision, you are very welcome to join the first lecture which will give you a good idea about the topics in the module. Alternatively, please contact me if you want to know more about the module.

This undergraduate module looks broadly into the impact the computers have in society and discusses the implications of this as a computer scientist, while considering a range of legal, ethical, professional and social issues. The module is delivered through a series of lectures and workshops. The lectures present the context of a given topic and then then students lead the learning and discussion through a series of workshops.

This page gives only an overview of the module. All the materials including lecture notes, coursework, feedback, etc. are available on the Moodle Learning Enviroment for students enrolled in the module.

Content of the Module:

The module covers the following topics within the computing context: Professionalism, Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Privacy, Cyber-behaviour, Safety and Reliability, Sustainability, etc.


Examination (50%)

The 1 hour written examination is based on concepts, analysis, evaluation, etc.

Coursework 1 (20%)

Weekly workshops and associated assignments, these are carried out in groups and in some cases includ peer assessment.

Coursework 2 (30%)

Written Case study analysis discussing some of the topic(s) covered in the module for a specific computing project.