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Last Update: 22 September 2015

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Operations Research and Modelling (G54ORM)

General Information:

The information here corresponds to Semester 1 of the session 2015-2016.

See the Module Specification.

See the Reading List.

If you are considering taking this interesting and exciting optional module in your course, but need more information to make your decision, you are very welcome to join the first lecture which will give you a good idea about the topics in the module. Alternatively, please contact me if you want to know more about the module.

To get an idea of what is Operations Research, the topic of this module, see this video and this web page. Also, here there is a sample of the lecture notes. You might also want to read this student's reflection about operations research.

This postgraduate module looks into modelling and optimisation techniques, covering the understanding and development of formal optimisation models and then developing the computational solutions using existing solvers and/or computer programming for solving real-world operational problems.

This page gives only an overview of the module. All the materials including lecture notes, coursework, feedback, etc. are available on the Moodle Learning Enviroment for students enrolled in the module.

Content of the Module:

The module covers the following topics: Linear Programming, Modelling and Optimisation Software, Post-optimality Analysis, Integer Programming, Mathematical Programming Modelling Techniques, Multi-objective Optimisation, Algorithms for LP and IP Models, Dynamic Programming.


Examination (50%)

The exam is based on problem modelling and solving, more details will be given during the lectures.

Coursework (30%)

The coursework involves the modelling and solution of real-world optimisation problems.

Inclass Exam (20%)

Series of weekly online tests based on the workshops of the module.