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This is a list of postgraduate individual projects supervised by Dario Landa-Silva.

Present Projects (Summer 2019)

  • Visual Instructional Tool for Linnear Optimization: Lingyun Chen (MSc CS)
  • Algorithm Development for Combinatorial Optimisation: Edward Durrans (MSc CS)
  • Algorithm Development for Office Space Allocation: Samuel Handley (MSc CS)
  • Optimization of ATM Replenishment: Maksim Shutov (MSc CS)
  • Benchmark Optimization API for Office Space Allocation: Zheyu Zhang (MSc CS)

    Past Projects (Summer 2018)

  • An Agent Based Simulation Approach to Solving a Workplace Scheduling and Routing Problem: George Evans (MSc SC) - See Abstract
  • Provide Data Visualization Health Guidance by Modelling and Optimizing Dietary Intake: Shuo Xu (MSc CS) - See Abstract
  • Neural Network Approaches on Performing different Tasks on Rogo, a TSP-Based Puzzle: Szu Yi Wu (MSc CS) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2017)

  • Greedy Heuristic for the Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem: Samuel Russell (MSc CS) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2016)

  • Automated Substitution of Absent Teacher: Mikayil Ahadli (MSc CS) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2015)

  • Android-Based Sports Competition Scheduling System: Teg Ma (MSc CS) - See Abstract
  • Managing the Office Space Allocation Problem - A Demonstration Framework: Alexandra Patrascu (MSc MIT) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2013)

  • Automated Assignment of Modules to Lecturers: Sarah Kassab: Sara Kassab (MSc IT) - See Abstract
  • Developing Web System for QMC Nurse Scheduling Problem: Bingyu Li (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • A Tutorial on Office Space Allocation Problem: Liang Li (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • The Design and Implementation of Cloud Based Workforce Scheduling System: Hiu Luk (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • Automated Module Selection Advisor System: Kun Yuan (MSc IT) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2012)

  • Dynamic Lexicographic Local Search Algorithm for Multi-objective Routing Problem: Aigerim Baikenova (MSc MIT)- See Abstract
  • A Test Suite for Solving and Visualizing the Multi-objective VRPTW: Gulnur Kozhakova (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • Evaluation of Constructive Heuristics on Multi Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows: Arailym Zhunissaliyeva (MSc MIT) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2011)

  • Web System for Workforce Scheduling: Soteris Constantinou (MSc IT) - See Abstract
  • Developing Mobile Services to Solve Workforce Scheduling Problems - Theory and Practice: Andreas Kafkalias (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • Benchmarking Population Based Cooperative Heuristics for the Multidimensional Knapsack Problem: Asna Seemab (MSc ACS) - See Abstract
  • Visualisation of Transportation Plans: Hao Xu (MSc IT) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2010)

  • Representation and Evaluation of Constraints in Personnel Rostering: The Hung Hoang (MSc IT) - See Abstract
  • Financial Statement Analysis' Decision Support Tool: Christine Sami Saad Ibrahim (MSc ITI) - See Abstract
  • Management Information System for Curricula Design: Dongbo Zhu (MSc MIT) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2009)

  • Testing the Biased Geometric Brownian Motion: Thepdanai Danswasvong (MSc CF) - See Abstract
  • Management Information System for Curricula Desing: Dimitrios Karametos (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • Prototype System for Trading Convertible Bonds in Taiwan: Pei-Yen Lin (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • A System for HR Development with Focus on Competencies: Cheng-Ting Wang (MSc MIT) - See Abstract
  • A Tutorial for Heuristic Local Search: Maria Zapiti (MSc IT) - See Abstract and Tutorial
  • Hybrid Meta-heuristics for Scheduling Sports Competitions: Xiaohui Zhang (MSc ACS) - See Abstract

    Past Projects (Summer 2008)

  • A Decision Support System for Office Space Allocation: Castillo Salazar, Jose Arturo (MSc MIT) - See Abstract