2013 - Magellan

An EU project investigating authoring of location-based and mobile games and experiences

2013 - Cr0n

Investigating the use of the W3C PROV provenance standard by artists creating an ARG, with Urban Angel.

2013 - Majority Report

Making sense of a crisis using the crowd, and crowd-sourced media.

2013 - MarathOnLive

Crowdsourcing an outside broadcast from a marathon. Funded by Youtube / Google Research Award.

2013 - Wayward

Indoor navigation for doctors in big hospitals.

2013 - Behind the Cameras

Studying how people learn and are taught to be professional camera operators, with a view to creating new mobile camera application prototypes.

2013 - Open Food

Understanding how crowd-sourcing can contribute to sustainable food and food packaging manufacturing, with Brunel University.

2013 - Understanding Underutilisation

EPSRC sandpit funded project with CFFRC in Malaysia, investigating how and why people purchase and consume fruit and veg to encourage sutainable behaviour, and contribute to food and nutritional security.

2012 - Relate

Investigating how to scale artistic practice and public engagement to understand energy and climate change, with Active Ingredient.

2012 - The Malthusian Paradox

An Alternate Reality Game in development with Urban Angel.

2012 - Cargo

A fast-pased citywide pervasive game involving treasure hunting, rfid swipe stations and backstabbing teammates, with Slingshot and the ORCHID project for Ig-Fest.

2012 - I'd Hide You

OB technology used for a live mobile video streaming game on the streets of Manchester as part of Future Everything, with Blast Theory.

2011 - New Forms of Participatory Broadcasting

Exploring grass-roots outside broadcasting of an event by a crowd of spectators and amateur mobile camera operators.

2010 - Exploding Places

A multi-player pervasive game based on 110 years of Woolwich community history, with Active Ingredient.

2010 - SNAP

A fast-pased pervasive game driven by mobile video broadcast live from performers on the streets.

2009 - Ulrike and Eamon Compliant

An ambulatory work exploring subjectivity in the heart of the streets of Venice, at the Venice Biennale.

2008 - Participate

Exploring mass participation and media convergence with an environmental slant.

2007 - Rider Spoke

A work for cyclists combining theatre with game play and new technology.

2007 - PhD Thesis

Investigating how to support mobile mixed-reality experiences.

2006 - Day of the Figurines

An extra-slow game played using SMS.

2005 - Flypad

A site-specific, multi-player augmented-reality game.

2004 - Savannah

An educational virtual Savannah played outdoors.

2004 - I Like Frank

A mixed-reality experience developed for 3G phones at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

2003 - Uncle Roy All Around You

A mixed-reality experience played online and on the streets, mixing live performance and technology.

2001 - Augurscope

A mixed-reality interface for the outdoors.

2001 - Shape

Taking mixed-reality museum exhibits outdoors.

2001 - Can You See Me Now?

A fast-paced chase mixed-reality game that happens simultaneously online and on the streets.