Michel Valstar at ACSSP

Michel Valstar is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, School of Computer Science, and a researcher in Automatic Visual Understanding of Human Behaviour. He is a member of both the Computer Vision Lab and the Mixed Reality Lab. This encompasses Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and a good idea of how people behave in this world. He is currently coordinator of the H2020 LEIT project ARIA-VALUSPA, which will create the next generation virtual humans. He has also recently been awarded a prestigious Melinda & Bill Gates foundation award to automatically estimate babies' gestational age after birth using the mobile phone camera, for use in countries where there is no access to ultrasound scans. Michel was a Visiting Researcher at the Affective Computing group at the Media Lab, MIT, and a research associate with the iBUG group, which is part of the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. Michel’s expertise is facial expression recognition, in particular the analysis of FACS Action Units. He recently proposed a new field of research called 'Behaviomedics', which applies affective computing and Social Signal Processing to the field of medicine to help diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions that alter expressive behaviour such as depression.


01/09/2015: Two ICCV 2015 papers accepted: Wang et al. 'TRIC-track: Tracking by Regression with Incrementally Learned Cascades' and Almaev et al. 'Learning to transfer: transferring latent task structures and its application to person-specific facial action unit detection'.

06/07/2015: Michel is giving a tutorial in facial expression recognition during the Porto-based Visum Summer School on Computer Vision. Please download the package with the tutorial manual, toy data, and LGBP-TOP Matlab code before starting the tutorial. This is a self-contained tutorial that anyone can do if they want to get started with automatic facial expression recognition.

16/11/2012: AVEC test labels publicly available: Now that AVEC 2012 has concluded successfully, we are releasing the test labels for both AVEC 2011 and 2012. Please download them from the AVEC database site using your existing account.

11/06/2012: MayFest activities: The School of Computer Science had a booth during the University of Nottingham’s 2012 MayFest, where we let children and parents wear an Emotiv EEG reader to control a player in a tug-of-war contest. Using your mental power to pull your opponent towards you!

Michel Valstar at MayFest 2012