16 May 2010


I’ve got something with earplugs. I find them elusive. One day they’re right in front of me, looking at me like I’m their best buddy. We have a great time, usually out and about. We’ll go on a trip to The Netherlands, to the park, or on the train.

Yet every time I really need them they’re not there for me. I suspect they can see those moments coming a mile away, and they quickly hide away in the pockets of a coat or a pair of jeans that they know I won’t wear that day. This drives me nuts. Where is their company when I need it most?

But today I’m declaring war on them. I’ve promised myself that I’ll buy a new pair every time this happens. And soon every single pocket of every single garment I own will have a pair of earphones and a spare pair for my partner. That will teach them!