Important Dates

  • Submissions: 1st Aug 2014
  • Notifications: 18th Aug 2014
  • Camera Ready: 29th Aug 2014
  • Earlybird Reg: 31st Aug 2014
  • Workshop: 13th Sept 2014


Last Year's Workshop

The proceedings from the euroHCIR 2013 workshop are now online:


Related Co-located Events

EuroHCIR2014 will be immediately after DL2014 (London, UK), and just before CLEF2014 (Sheffield, UK).



We'll be using the #euroHCIR hashtag where possible




According to the topics in our Call for papers, we are inviting 6-10 page Long Papers or 2-4 page Short papers. Both must be reasonably anonymised* and in ACM Format submissions by the submission date.

How to submit

Please submit papers to the EuroHCIR2014 Submission Page.


You can contact one of our Organisers if you have any questions. If you are industry, you could talk to one of our industry organisers (Tony Russell-Rose or Kristian Norling). If you are academia, then you can contact Max L. Wilson, Birger Larsen, or Preben Hansen. If you come from a systems focus, Birger Larsen may be your man!


Accepted short papers will be archieved on CEUR, which does not prevent you from publishing the work at other venues. We hope to publish Long papers in a more formal way, TBA.



* Anonymised submissions do not need to be extensively anonymised. Simply do not put down the author names and contact details. Ideally one can refer to their own prior work in the 3rd person anyway. But there's no need to strip a company name or prior publications out of a document if its critical to the work being described, if that paper is a case study on the compnay, for example.